Women In Business is an organization composed of business and professional women in the Brigham City Area.

Mar 28, 2013

March Women in Business Spotlight

It seems only fit to spotlight last years Women In Business Chair.  Kami Fister did such a great job and we sure do appreciate the work she put into leading and growing Women in Business. 

Kami is the HR Office Manager for Wal-Mart in Corinne.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her boys, reading a good book, going for a hike or walk, and cooking or baking up something yummy in the kitchen.  Cooking is something that Kami says she is really good at!  When she’s not cooking, she says her favorite place to eat out is Zucca’s.  When asked one word to describe her personality, she responded “Just one?”  After I prodded a little and gave her two words to describe herself and with a little help from her husband, she came up with “Dedicated and Driven”!  Her favorite bit of wisdom is “A silent mouth is melodious”.  Something you may not know about Kami is that she has a freckle in her right eye!

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